decentralized image board

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decentralized image board

Post by doomtube »

decentralized text.
are decentralized images possible without moderation?
user can have ability to make threads "image threads"?
some boards are "image boards" some are text only.
external image hosting in order to moderate content

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Re: decentralized image board

Post by rxsunshine »

Images definitely need to be hosted on a number of separate services, but there's no need for any other kind of moderation.
There's also a big performance difference between decentralized and federated services, a decentralized service would have all kinds of routing problems and require far more round trips to transfer data, whereas a federated model would perform much faster. If a good, efficient fully-decentralized model can't be figured out I think that federated would be just as resilient, people could make new servers as they wish. The point is if an image server goes down, make a new one, if a node goes down, make a new one.

Another question is on the degree of identity users should have. If some voting-type system was put into place users must be uniquely identified, but identifying users with a simple key or hash doesn't sound all that bad.
It's becoming increasingly clear that we need to move away from pure anonymity. 4chan and the like will always exist but it's hard to meet specific people or do anything IRL with pure anonymity.

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