Cube Worshipers


Cube Worshipers

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Hi goyz, have you heard the Good News about the B L A C K C U B E?

Its like BLACKED DOT COM, but for your soul!
Over 6,000,000 people cant be wrong!*

For one easy installment of your foreskin, you too can experience such wonders as: ethnic nepotism, ethnonarcissism, sedition, owning your own bank, owning your own GOLEM, and 10 free** seminars of "so you've been caught poisoning the town well, now what?"

If you're interested, stop by your nearest synagogue today!

* Yes, we totally mean 6,000,000, and if you quote any other number or figure, you will be fired from your job, removed from polite society, and your children will be taken away to experience HIGH INTENSITY ANAL POSITIVITY TRAINING.

** Nonrefundable upfront payment of 10mg adrenochrome and/or 1 child required PER SEMINAR. You may learn things up to, but possibly not including: "cry out in pain as you strike them," "what do you mean $5, I'll give you $1.50," "strategic large number referencing," and more!

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